Obligations of Captain & Passengers

    * The captain must be standing in order to have visibility and always be cautious for swimmers and snorkelers. ATTENTION! A yellow sign in the water with a yellow flag on top of it with the letters Y,D on it shows that there is a snorkeler up ahead. Go by him with very low speed and hold a distance of 150 meters.
    * Do not go close to the water of a passing boat or ship
    * Never drive behind another boat.
    * Do not let the passengers go back and forth or sit on the gunwale.
    * Pass the quick –stop on your wrist or leg.
    * Play with the trim to find the position of the boat (having the best speed with the lowest consumption.
    * If you here an unusual sound coming from the engine or from the beeper of theYamaha instrument TURN OFF the engine and contact us.
    * In night time always open your lights. Do not approach the beach no further than 200 meters.
    * If you like to drive along the coastline make sure nobody is swimming and do not go more than 5 miles per hour.
    * If you want to swim or go out on the beach. Throw the anchor and tie the boat in a depth of at least 5 meters.
    * Attention! Diving from the boat can cause an accident!
    * Smoking is forbidden to everybody while changing the gas tank.

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