Do i need a driving license ?

No you do not need a driver’s license is sufficient to be over 18 years old.

How many miles can can be removed from the coach ?

No limints… mind the map

If anything happens during the trip who will help us ?

At any time during the tour you can contact us by your mobile phone to provide you with advice or even direct assistance. The Blue Secret has equipped its vessels with gps trackers which at the touch of the emergency button inform  us for help and show us on the map the exact point that your boat located so that we can easily identify and provide you with any assistance you may need immediately.

In what ways can i pay ?

You can pay with credit cards visa, mastercard or even with cash.

What are the necessary documents and equipment should I have with me ?

Necessarily have to have your ID card or passport, your cell phone with car charger.

What time should return the boat ?

The time of delivery of the vessel should not exceed 19:00 mm

Do i need a lesson before so that I can handle the boat ?

At the time of receipt of your boat doing driving lessons and give advises for your safety over 10 minutes.

What is the insurance coverage of the vessels ?

Our vessels are insured for bodily injury and property damage resulting from a collision at sea against third.
With an extra charge you can have the “Premium” insurance read more.

The fuel is charged extra ?

Fuel is charged extra and are calculated after delivery of the vessel from you.

Can I rent a boat by the hour ?

You can rent a boat and by hour .

What is the average fuel consumption per hour board

Fuel consumption depends on many factors such as the number of passengers, the air, the amount and direction of the waves,the driving style, and many others that make the fuel consumption can vary by up to 3 liters and 7 liters per hour.

What is the maximum speed of the boat ?

The maximum speed that can develop the vessel is 25 knots per hour (depends to the driver and to the weight).

How many people can board to the vessels ?

Our vessels can accommodate up to 5 occupants.