About the Engine
  • The engine does not start

    1. See if the quick stop isn’t connected (red spiral cord)
    2. Check the gearbox it has to be on Neutral.
    3. See if the gas tank needs replacement.
    4. See if the benzine pump has air in it by pumping it.
    5. See if the battery is worn out. Check it through the Yamaha instruments.
    6. If nothing of the above isn’t happening Please contact us immediately!

  • The engine is vibrating excessively or doesn’t have enough power(thrust)

    1. See if something is caught in the propeller (ropes,nets,seaweed)
    2. See if the propeller is damaged ( by hitting rock)
    3. See if the reservoire doesn’t have air in it.
    4. See if the engine is not properly in the water.
    5. In any case shut the engine off and then check the above.

  • The boat takes a steep gradient when it start’s moving

    1. The engine is not properly in the water. Push the button so the engines propeller is correctly in the water and the boat straightens out with the sea.
    2. The boats weight isn’t correct. Try to shift evenly the weight of all that’s on board so the boat won’t tilt left or right. Keep always more people in the front of the boat instead of the back because most of the weight is on the rear of the boat engine , battery ex.

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