Mount Athos Boat Trip
Mount Athos boat trips are very popular with visitors to Halkidiki in Greece, as they are the only way most people get to see these spectacular monasteries

Only men can set foot on Mount Athos, and even for them it is a lengthy business to acquire a permit. Most people have to be content to enjoy a boat trip along the coast, to see the magnificent monasteries in their clifftop settings, against the backdrop of Mount Athos itself.

From a practical point of view, it is illegal for the boats to venture closer than 500m to the shore, so take a pair of binoculars if you have them, and a telephoto lens for your camera if you wish to get close-up photographs. Don’t leave behind your pocket camera if that is all that you have, as you may well get some wonderful photos of the dolphins which sometimes swim alongside the boats and leap spectacularly out of the water.

mount athos agion oros

Sail close enough to the shore of the Athos peninsula in Halkidiki and see the spectacular monasteries clinging to the cliffs; but this is as close as you can get, as access is allowed to men only! The Greeks refer to Mount Athos as “The Holy Mountain” where no females are allowed access.

Although it is considered to be a part of Greece, Mount Athos is an independent monastic state. It is ruled by the 1700 monks who live in its 20 monasteries, some of which date back to the ninth century.

BlueSecret organize boat trip to Mount Athos starts for Polichrono, Chrousso Beach or Miraggio, relax and enjoy the sounds of the band on board on your return journey. This day is a combination of history, relaxation and a chance to explore the area.